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Rock Drummer / Minimal Tech - Techno Producer, Dj & Live Performer from Campana / Buenos Aires [Argentina]

With 40 years of age, and 20 arround the music ... this punk/metal & rock drummer and percussionist, decided in 2010 to start producing some electronic bases using analog and digital synthesizers. After large investments of time and money by purchasing more large equipment (Apple Mac & various MIDI controller´s and synthes Analogs, Valvular and for any other type.), and spend only a few years devoted to producing, he decided to take a new path as a DJ, searching for sounds that range from the darkest of Techno, passing-through Minimal and Deep sounds, reaching the most danceable Tech.

After experimenting during all of 2010 and 2011 in the production of tracks with Ableton, CPolock was decided for now to mix with Traktor to achieve new goals, without neglecting its quality as a composer. To further improve track to track.

In 2012, he began with the organization of a series dedicated to Techno Under in Campana, being totally successful, and achieving 30 editions, between June and December of that year.

In the summer 2012-2013 he made his first tour of the Atlantic Coast of Argentina (exactly in Villa Gesell) where he was the initiator and Resident DJ in an After Hour in "Parador Norte"; where he shared booth by hosting important people such as UDOLPH (Cocoliche), Carlos RUIZ, Martin GIOIA, Miss ADK, BERGER Muzik, Emanuel Kuevas, Alberto BRICHUK, Facu LACOGNATA, Sergio Lopez Rangel (IBIZA), Funtek DJS, Emanuel HITOWER, BAXTER BAXTER (France), Carlos LORENZI, Diego CID, Sergio ATHOS, Juan PRYOR, Jorge VERRONE, Lucas KLEIN, DJ GOLAN, Frank MEIER, and much others.

Near half of 2013, he began the second season of its successful underground cycle, in Campana City called SAVAGE Techno Space (trying to expand to other neighboring cities like: Escobar, San Pedro, Luján & Capital Federal), which is expected to receive many imporants Djs of the local Tech House, Minimal & Techno scene.

But he did not give up, of course, with the production of his own tracks. And therefore, he is working and striving hard to complete, edit and publish their first EP, which should be being released early in 2014. This album will be supported by Martin GIOIA, Miss Adk, Alberto Brichuk, Jorge Verrone & much more friends ... and the release and distribution will be carried out by his own Record Label (discussed below).

To ending a very successful 2013, is still with a lot of work, shaping two new branches of SAVAGE Techno Music ... one hand, he gave life to the project: SAVAGE Techno Live Radio and for other, and perhaps the most difficult challenge was proposed, and finish shaping and baptize (probably early in 2014) to: SAVAGE Techno Record Label (the record label of Savage Techno® corp. )

So far in past years ( from 2014 to 2017 ), C-POLOCK still working on their future productions, to be edited on his own Label [SAVAGE Techno® Record Label] as well as other friend Labels, and he still making live performances on various parts of the province of Buenos Aires .. . well as in his hometown of Campana and adjoinings cities of Zárate, Baradero, San Pedro, San Nicolas. Maschwitz, Pilar, Escobar, Rojas City, Villa Constitución (Santa Fe province)... Rosario, Hurlingham, Lanus, Moreno and Capital Federal [San Telmo, Palermo, Cabalito, Flores, ect.] ... and also had presentations in the south near Quilmes, La Plata... And in the Argentinian most recognized cities of his Atlantic coast (Villa Gesell and Mar del Plata).

Having so along this years, C-POLOCK has presented to play his music in several and varied cabines, as on recognized Discos as well as underground events, some of it are: SUNSET (Pilar), OHITO (San Telmo), VOX (Bs.As.), Club SEVERINO (Bs.As.) Techno SERIO (LANUS) , Deep INSIDE, MAS BASS (Olivos), SUBMERGED (REQUIEM Club - BA), MINELEK (La Cigale - BA), SAVAGE Techno Space (Campana & Zárate Cities), RPRSNT (ElBien&ElMal - Rojas City), ZOO (San Nicolas City), VALKYRIA Disco (San Pedro City), Monte LEON (Quilmes City)... and other music festivals and discos!

His list of things to do is infinite.

Soon we will update his profile.
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C-POLOCK comenzó en 2010
produciendo Minimal Techno, y recién dos años después hizo su primera presentación en formato DJ Set (Live), en lo que fuera la primera edición de su (con el tiempo) reconocido Ciclo: Savage Techno Space que duraría luego casi 5 años y #85 ediciones.
  Con el tiempo sumó a este proyecto el lanzamiento del también conocido dentro del Under Porteño, sello 'Savage Techno Record Label' .


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